Untitled photo

I am a mother, a wife, a traveller, an adventurer, and an avid outdoor enthusiast. Being a Sun Peaks resident, I am able to find my creative inspiration within steps of my front door with great ease.

The first part of my art process begins with photographing while I am enjoying outdoor activities whether it is skiing, hiking or paddling. Then a second burst of creativity comes when I get home and begin to digitally manipulate the images. The images are transformed and become dreamy, flowing interpretations similar to a painting. I enjoy twisting the scenes of nature and adding my own style to the original landscape photograph.

My art can be found throughout the village of Sun Peaks in the lobby of the Sundance Lodge and Style for Everyone.  Canvas and mounted prints of various sizes can also be purchased at the Lone Wolf Gallery.  You will also find my art in Jasper, Alberta at Big Horn Gifts.

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